About us

Newbury Art Collective

About us

Newbury Art Collective was established in 2016 by four local artists in Berkshire, UK. Their aim is showcasing their work together and invite other local artists of various disciplines to exhibit and sell their artworks.

This shop is the collective's own and it is run independently by the artists so that the customer knows that they are purchasing directly from the artist when buying any artwork.

Three of our members are showcasing their work:

Isabel Carmona - Watercolour painter, urban sketcher and printmaker. An avid urban sketcher, Isabel collects her images on location in watercolours and drawing and transforms them through print and mix media into artworks filled with memories of her experiences.

Ben Honisett- Digital artist, photographer and mix media artist. With a graphic design background, Ben experiments freely into a variety of mediums that include graphic landscapes, abstract street photography and mixed media compositions.

Emma Green - Printmaker and mixmedia artist, inspired by the British countryside. The natural world provides Emma with great inspiration with landscape, plants and especially birds forming the core of her imagery. Her trading name is Hawksbury Print.

In 2020, guest artists invited to showcase their work with us are: John Brazendale (ceramics), Angela Willis (painting), Katherine Kingdon (ceramics), Laura Kirkpatrick (painting), Helen Long (ceramics) , Wendy Lloyd (printmaking) and Lorna Goldsmith (tapestry). 

We hope you enjoy the variety of what is in offer.

Feel free to get in touch with any queries about our work.